Conditions of sale


• Confirmed orders, whose collection is charged to the customer must be picked up no later than the indicated month of delivery, otherwise a new offer will be made with probably different sales conditions from those agreed previously.

• The offers are valid until the 25th of the current month, otherwise they will have to be evaluated again by our sales department.

• Confirmed orders can be canceled within 3 working days from the confirmation date, otherwise they will be considered non-erasable.


Any complaints will be considered unfounded if:

• issued more than 90 working days from the delivery of the goods

• the causes of complaint are due to an improper storage of the goods

• there is no trace of sample of the disputed material

• the lot which is the subject of the complaint is not communicated

• the quantity of material covered by the complaint is not available to be collected by Sitra

• the production process of the customer, to whom the lot of the disputed material was sold, is not disclosed.

Last modified: June, 12 2021